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Martin's own boardgame in the works

Martin has already started to work on an own boardgame. This game will be of abstract nature, a kind of mix between Chess, Kamisado or maybe Barragoon. It's based on figures and for two players.
The game is now going through many tryouts and test games to fix the rules finally before thinking of production and distro aspects.

Maybe we need more players: Any people interested in abstract board games in Dresden area who can imagine to participate in test games in the nearer future, get in touch!



Recordings of a planned Split release between Todesstoß and Venuspuls have begun.
Two new tracks of both projects will be presented.

Any dedicated label with an interest to release this in 2015 on seven or ten inch vinyl, don't hesitate to get in touch for a possible cooperation!
Compositions, lyrics and artwork are ready to be combined to a new expressive output.


New album for 2015 in preparation

With the line up of Euer Gnaden, Flesh of L. and Martin, Todesstoß is working on a new album, that is designated to be released in spring 2015. Its title will be "Hirngemeer" and present nearly 80 minutes of an epic, obscure surrealistic oeuvre. The songlist exists of three titles pushing boundaries of the possible and obvious. Though it will be something completely new, borrowings to "Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins", "Menschenscheuche" and "Sehnsucht" may be audible.
More updates to be announced soon!


Latest Interview 11/2014

The only TODESSTOSS-interview in 2014 can be read in SATAN'S SADIST ZINE #12



New TODESSTOSS CD and shirts available in our shop

The brandnew TODESSTOSS album "Unverweslich" and merchandise (T-Shirt and Longsleeve, strictly limited) is now available.
From insane Black Metal, acoustic and ambient stuff, to surrealistic Rock and epic Dark Metal, all sides of TODESSTOSS are presented here, involved with the typical maniacal vocals of Martin Lang.
Musically the album really seems to be a mix of all previous albums what indicates to be interesting for fans of the older and newer stuff alike. The album was recorded from 2005 - 2012.

Tracklist of "Unverweslich":

1. Blumen brennen im Sodomsfeuer (14:07)
2. Seelenwichtes Schicksalsstumpf (07:52)
3. Himmelszelle (04:49)
4. Im Rachen der Zeit (09:10)
5. Virtuelle Hundeschädelsammlung (22:17)
6. Ritterlichkeit (12:51)

Martin Lang: everything
Benjamin Schmälzlein: main vocals on the 5th track

- 71 minutes of music.
- 4 panel digipack, glossy finish, with a 16 page booklet featuring lyrics and Martin lang's art.
- Two exclusive stickers to be sent with the first orders.


Shirt infos:
Overall only 18 T-Shirts and 7 Longsleeves were made. Altare handed the distribution of the "Unverweslich" clothes completely over to Traumorgane after the preorder period.


New shirt "Unverweslich", strictly lim.

Varied Photography and Sculptures Update


Sample Clips on YouTube

You can watch the new clips / appetizers of "Heikäne" and "Exitusse" ...


Available now!

TODESSTOSS - Heikäne Löwentötrin, MCD („Edition Fleischgespenst“)
This epic nightmare will be offered to the public as a six-sided DVD Digipack in 263 handnumbered copies.
The first 121 copies, “Edition Fleischgespenst” (“edition flesh ghost”) are numbered in red colour, include a DIN A3 poster with the stunning cover painting, a two-sided DIN A5 postcard with draft drawings of the cover art and a sticker (outdoor) with Heikäne riding on her lovely pet, a titanic monster hyena.
Available through TRAUMORGANE KREATIONEN only.
“Edition Fleischgespenst” will be available here exclusivley.

Be quick or be too late, folks!

Latest Interview 11/2014

VENUSPULS – Exitusse Aanaavee, CD („Edition Sinnenstorch“)

The release is offered as first edition to the public as a Din A5 24-paged photo catalogue in 288 handnumbered copies.
The first 96 copies, “Edition Sinnenstorch” (“edition sense stork”) are numbered in red colour, include a between green and rose light metallic shimmering DIN A5 postcard with the digital art work “Monogamy”, a silver glossy sticker (indoor) and finally a pro-CD-R with silver finish including 70 photos (most of them are exclusive material on this CD-R) of the complete Exitusse Aanaavee-session with the German ballerina, actress and poet Marie Golüke and 192 / 320 kbps bit MP3s of the whole album.
At the moment even the regular edition is available through TRAUMORGANE KREATIONEN only.
“Edition Sinnenstorch” will be available here exclusivley.

Be quick or be too late, folks! COMPLETE RELEASE INFOS HERE 

TODESSTOSS - Heikäne Löwentötrin, MCD (regular edition)

This epic nightmare will be offered to the public as a six-sided DVD Digipack in 263 handnumbered copies.

At the moment even the regular edition is available through TRAUMORGANE-KREATIONEN only.

Be quick or be too late, folks!

VENUSPULS – Exitusse Aanaavee, CD (regular edition)

The release is offered as first edition to the public as a Din A5 24-paged photo catalogue in 288 handnumbered copies.

At the moment even the regular edition is available through TRAUMORGANE KREATIONEN only.

Be quick or be too late, folks! COMPLETE RELEASE INFOS HERE 

Cover of the upcoming TODESSTOSS MCD revealed

Cover of the upcoming VENUSPULS album revealed

Most enthusiastic review for "SA" ... (08/12)

... on metalmaniacs.com


Exhibition "Surreale Wirklichkeit" in Cologne

In brief I'll take part in the group exhibition "Surreale Wirklichkeit" (Surreal Reality) at Kulturbunker in Cologne from 09.08.2012 - 19.08.2012. The greater part of my oil works and a photo print on canvas will be presented, including original TODESSTOSS-covers of course. We are looking forward to all guests!

Here some infos:
09.08.2012 - 19.08.2012
"Surreale Wirklichkeit"

Opening hours: Fr/Sa/Su, 16-18 o clock

Entrance free

Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim e.V.
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Köln
Tel.: 0221 - 61 69 26
Fax.: 0221 - 61 607 96
E-Mail: info[at]kulturbunker-muelheim.de

http://www.kulturbunker-muelheim.de/#843"Die Ausstellung „Surreale Wirklichkeit“ zeigt Werke von Sabine Kroggel (Düsseldorf), Martin Lang (München), Oliver Lehmann (Mechernich), Cynthia Meier-Dusol (Köln), Michael Schaffer (Hunsrück) und Benjamin Schmälzlein (Wuppertal).

Oliver Lehmann :

Thorny Thoughts :

Michael Schaffer :

Sabine Kroggel :

Benjamin Schmälzlein :

Martin Lang:

Die Motive und Themen der ausgestellten Gemälde, Zeichnungen, Collagen, Fotografien und Radierungen beschäftigen sich mit dem Unterbewussten, den Kräften, die jenseits des Rationalen liegen und die unter der Oberfläche eines Bewusstseins lauern. Gewohnte Sichtweisen werden in Frage gestellt und entfachen die Faszination des Rätselhaften und Phantasievollen. Lassen Sie sich entführen, in eine „Surreale Wirklichkeit“. Die Künstler sind anwesend." (Kulturbunker)

Vernissage: Donnerstag, 9.8.2012, 19:30 Uhr
Einführungsrede: Rainer Richter
Öffnungszeiten: Fr/Sa/So, 16-18 Uhr

Preis: Eintritt frei
Flyer (in German) [250 KB]


New interview online (04/12)

Latest TODESSTOSS-Interview at AVE NOCTUM! Add your comments!!


Available now!

You won't get this with a fucking download!

Distrolist / Wholesale

Labels / Distros feel free to ask for fair wholesale prices /trades for these releases:

*TODESSTOSS – Todesstoß, CD (DVD-Case + DVD sized booklet, golden disc), TK001
The self titled, 4th full-length by a visionary of extraordinary and surrealistic Black / Dark Metal is the "darkest" album so far, dealing with a personal underworld where wisdom is forged in fires of pain.
A walk through PLUTO’s gate and back! Welcome to a new fancy tale of woe: human existence.

*TODESSTOSS – Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins, CD (Slipcase-CD), TK002
The 5th full-length “Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins” is the "strangest" album so far, dealing with antinatalistic fantasies and the corrosive spirit of the age. Follow J. BLACK, the fictional protagonist, fulfilling his deed as a temporary worker for DEATH INC. People, who have never listened to the varied sounds of the 121-cult TODESSTOSS so far: at least concerning this release friends of old Darkthrone, Bethlehem and The Cure might get thrilled.

Dare to take a look behind the mask ...

*GEISTREICH v. Sabine Kroggel, Benjamin Schmälzlein (catalogue with paintings and poems) + CD
10 paintings of modern arts by Sabine Kroggel, 10 poems (expressionism, existentialism) by Benjamin Schmälzlein (session vocalist in TODESSTOSS) in German, + 5 recitations (German) recorded in a professional way, 24 coloured pages http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPyrZW0L2XA

*MARTIN LANG - Wie ein Aufschrei sein Echo jagt -
Anthologie eines Abtrünnigen, Lyric Book (in German language, 100 pages, including art pics by the author)
Überwiegend dunkle Lyrik vom TODESSTOSS- / VENUSPULS-Mann als Reflexion auf das innere - eigene Licht. 55 Gedichte geistromantischer, zerdrückender, bleigürtender, seelenschlierenhaltiger, phantasievoller, sarkastischer, antiluzider und esoterischer Prägung, über die ein Hauch von tieferer Existenz, Surrealismus, Expressionismus und Romantik weht; Garniert mit eigenen, das Schriftwerk ergänzenden Illustrationen, und einem hinführenden Vorwort von Sven Boddien (Live Eclipse Magazin). - Broschur in Taschenbuchbindung (Softcover) - ca. 100 Seiten - ISBN: 3-938313-09-9

(Editions of the CDs including extras are not for wholesale/trade. But of course the regular editions are)

Only selected trades possible!


YouTube / Uploads

Everybody thinking of uploading songs of Todesstoß or Venuspuls to YouTube or the internet, don't do this anymore! You're violating my copyrights and I am going to utilise them, deleting all uploads on YouTube, that I don't want to be there: so it would be a waste of your precious time. If I want to upload music to the internet, I will do this by myself, in a suitable quality, maybe soon with an own channel.
Uncontrolled uploads don't lead only to promotion, but to slow elimination of my label, for which I fight every single day, working my ass off!
I am sure you're able to use your time more reasonable, instead of caring about things you shouldn't do.
Generally I am not against new medias and I use them, too, but I don't upload things to the web, I don't have the right to.
Thanks for understanding; hoping for your cooperation!

Words of Thanks

A very special thanks goes out to every single fan ordering the original stuff and keeping the support instead of sucking soulless and respectless downloads! You keep the flame of motivation alive that in future there will be further releases as CD, MC and Vinyl beyond the phantom world called internet. Beware and share the powers against the spirit of the age! You fucking rule!
Sooner or later, if people will keep on downloading instead of purchasing original art, Martin will be forced to stop (studio-) recordings, distributing his art and over all his complete release activity!


Only those who escape, will become own worlds!